Sometimes, despite all reasonable efforts, conflicts solidify.  Agreements cannot be had on the extent of liability, or the allocation of damages.  Claims can be made against professionals that are without merit, fueled by emotion or greed. 

Faced with these frustrating impasses, clients of Harris, Creech, Ward & Blackerby find zealous advocates at their side.  Harris Creech is a law firm created by well-known and respected trial lawyers for the very purpose of representing clients in the courtroom. 

First, Harris Creech attorneys take the time to understand their clients’ objectives and how best to meet those goals throughout the litigation process.  

Second, Harris Creech lawyers aggressively push for their client’s optimal resolution, working with the client from the pre-litigation phase through filing, discovery, trial, and appeal, if necessary. 

Third, Harris Creech keeps their client’s best interests at the forefront:  there may be a time when the best business decision suggests mediation or settlement.  Harris Creech has the savvy to counsel a client on the practicalities of alternative dispute resolution when the expense of trial, protracted litigation, or other variables suggest an alternative route. 

The trial attorneys of Harris, Creech, Ward & Blackerby have experience in matters involving:

  • medical malpractice claims
  • professional malpractice claims
  • commercial litigation
  • personal injury
  • property damage
  • employment matters
  • labor issues
  • lender liability
  • estate litigation
  • trust litigation
  • products liability
  • real estate
  • construction disputes
  • breach of contract.

Harris Creech, however, does not represent clients in criminal defense, tax, and domestic relations matters.  The firm is happy to refer clients to a selection of well-respected, experienced counsel in these areas upon request.

Harris Creech trial attorneys have appeared before district and superior courts throughout North Carolina, as well as in the North Carolina Supreme Court and the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Their practice also includes appearances before the federal courts serving the Eastern, Middle, and Western Districts of North Carolina.

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