Products Liability

Allegations that a product has caused injury or harm can result in the most complicated and far-reaching litigation in this country.  Expert analysis, economic implications, as well as medical and physiological inquiries all contribute to the complexity of products liability litigation. 

Defending against products liability claims can take years, result in exorbitant expense, and may ultimately risk the very lifeblood of the company or corporation involved.  Pursuing a products liability claim also involves significant investments of time and expense, as well as a personal commitment, by both the injured victim and their loved ones.  Products liability litigation demands a serious dedication from all its participants.    

Harris, Creech, Ward and Blackerby’s extensive involvement with complex litigation makes the firm particularly well suited for handling products liability claims.  Harris Creech attorneys have dealt with products liability matters involving the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of products ranging from routine household items to large industrial machinery.

Harris Creech regularly pursues thorough and cost-effective pre-trial discovery, trial preparation, trial and appeal of products liability cases, representing both insured and self-insured corporations.  Harris Creech’s focus is primarily upon the defense of product liability claims, but the firm does occasionally represents plaintiffs who have been seriously injured by defective products, as well as the families of those who have died as a result of a faulty product. 

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